Silicone Conformal Coating

Harness the power of silicone coating for ultimate protection and performance. Our silicone coating services offer a robust shield against moisture, corrosion, and thermal stress, ensuring longevity and reliability for your components.

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Silicone (Type SR)


Silicone (Type SR)

Silicone Conformal Coating is a transparent, soft, flexible coating which offers excellent moisture, corrosion and humidity resistance, good dielectric properties, and has exceptional light transmission capabilities for solar applications. It provides good chemical resistance, salt spray resistance and are very flexible. It functions well in high temperate applications and is resistant to UV light and dirt pick-up. This coating can be “solder-through” for easy repair. However, silicones are not solvent soluble and require chemical strippers for removal or repairs. MIL-I-46058C and IPC-CC-830 approved.


Silicone Coating Properties

  • Stability over a Temperature Range of Usually (-40°C to 200°C)

    Ensure consistent performance across extreme temperatures, maintaining stability and reliability in challenging environments.

  • Soft and Flexible, Providing Minimal Impact Protection

    Enjoy flexible yet protective coatings that absorb minimal impact, safeguarding delicate components from damage.

  • High Dielectric Strength

    Benefit from excellent dielectric strength, facilitating reliable insulation and electrical performance in critical applications.

  • Good Moisture, Humidity, and UV Sunlight Barrier

    Create a reliable barrier against moisture, humidity, and UV sunlight, preventing corrosion and degradation of components.

  • Low Surface Energy to Enable Effective Penetration Under Components

    Ensure efficient penetration under components with coatings featuring low surface energy, enhancing coverage and protection.


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