Polyurethane Conformal Coating

Experience unmatched protection and durability with our polyurethane coating services. Our advanced polyurethane coatings offer a resilient barrier against moisture, chemicals, abrasion, and more, ensuring prolonged lifespan and performance for your components.

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Polyurethane (Type UR)


Polyurethane (Type UR)

Polyurethane coatings are available as either single or two-component formulations. Both formulations provide excellent humidity resistance and far greater chemical resistance than Acrylic coatings. Single component Polyurethanes, while easy to apply, enjoy long pot life but sometimes require very lengthy cure cycles to achieve full or optimum cure. In some instances, the cure cycle can be accelerated by the judicious application of heat. Two component formulations can reach optimum cure properties in as little as one to three hours with the assistance of heat. However, when compared to single component formulations, two-component formulas can have a relatively short pot life sometimes making them difficult to work with. Removal of Polyurethane coatings can be difficult due to their very high resistance to solvents. For single-components, the preferred method of removal is via burn through for spot repair, while the use of specially formulated strippers enables the user to completely remove the coating from an entire PCB assembly for more wide-ranging rework concerns. These products do not necessarily represent our complete Urethanes range. Mil-I-46058C and IPC-CC-830 approved.


Polyurethane Coating Properties

  • Good Moisture, Chemical, and Solvent Resistance

    Ensure reliable protection against moisture, chemicals, and solvents, safeguarding components from degradation and damage.

  • Abrasion Resistance and Mechanical Strength

    Enhance durability and longevity with superior abrasion resistance and mechanical strength, ensuring robust performance in demanding applications.

  • Resistant to Mold Growth

    Prevent mold growth and contamination with coatings that resist fungal development, maintaining component integrity and cleanliness.

  • Excellent Adhesion under All Climatic Conditions

    Maintain strong adhesion in diverse climates, ensuring reliability and stability across varying environmental conditions.

  • Exceptional Dielectric Properties

    Benefit from outstanding dielectric properties, facilitating reliable insulation and electrical performance in critical applications.

  • UV Traceable for Inspection Purposes

    Enable easy inspection and quality control with UV traceable properties.

  • High Level of Flexibility, Even at Low Temperatures

    Ensure flexibility and performance even in extreme temperatures, providing versatility and reliability.


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