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Conformal Coating Time Breakdown: Step-by-Step Guide

Spray gun shooting liquid coating fast with black background

At PCT, we prioritize transparency in every step of our conformal coating process. We recognize the significance of time in delivering exceptional services. This article offers insights into the meticulous journey from product arrival to departure, focusing on the time it takes for conformal coating and the factors influencing turnaround times.

*Times are based on an average time for a typical full batch in a curing oven or deposition machine*

Table of Contents

1. Receiving the Product

Time: ~2 hours

Upon arrival, each product undergoes a detailed inspection, marking the commencement of our conformal coating process. This phase is crucial, setting the stage for a tailored coating solution and influencing the overall time it takes.

2. Cleaning and Preparation

Time: 2-24 hours

*Be sure to request this step as it is not automatically included with most providers.

Although not always required, we prioritize a thorough cleaning process that is essential for an effective conformal coating process. This step, lasting up to 24 hours if needed to bake to eliminate moisture, contributes to the overall turnaround time and quality for conformal coating by creating a pristine surface for coating application.

3. Masking

Time: ~2-4 hours

Conformal Coating Masking Process with Tape on Circuit Boards

While this step is not always required, the precision of this phase is paramount in our meticulous masking process, showcasing our dedication to delivering unparalleled quality. This step significantly influences the time it takes for drying conformal coatings by ensuring that designated areas receive the coating precisely.

4. Coating Application

Time: 4-10 hours on average (varies based on coating type)

a. Parylene Coating

Time: 4-8 hours

Parylene coating, a crucial segment of our conformal coating process, involves a unique deposition process. While this meticulous process influences the time it takes for conformal coating, the benefits include uniform coverage, chemical resistance, and biocompatibility, making it a preferred choice.

b. Liquid Coating

Time: 3-30 hours

Liquid coatings, while quicker to apply, offer versatility and impact the turnaround time for conformal coating. The varying time for drying liquid conformal coatings during the curing process depends on factors such as thickness and application method. The thicker and more complex an application is - the longer the curing time.

5. Inspection and Quality Control

Time: ~2-4 hours

quality inspection on circuit boards for conformal coating

Quality assurance is integral to our conformal coating process. Expert inspections, lasting about two hours, play a pivotal role in exceeding your expectations. This phase contributes to the overall time it takes for conformal coating by ensuring coverage uniformity, adhesion strength, and coating integrity. Time can be increased in this phase depending upon any imperfections.

6. Packaging

Time: 1 hour

Our detailed packaging process, lasting about an hour, is the final touchpoint before shipping. While it doesn't directly impact the time for drying conformal coatings, it ensures that products arrive at their destination in pristine condition, maintaining the integrity of the coating.


The overall time for our conformal coating process varies based on factors such as the coating type, curing time, and application complexity. While Parylene coating may take longer due to its unique deposition process, liquid coatings offer a quicker alternative. Factors like the intricacy of masking and the curing time contribute to the overall turnaround time for conformal coating as well.

At PCT, our unwavering commitment to quality ensures each product receives the attention it deserves for a coating that stands the test of time. Choose PCT for a conformal coating process tailored to your product's unique needs and a turnaround time that aligns with your expectations.

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