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Coating Options For All Your Protective Needs

Parylene Coatings for LED Products

The popularity of light emitting diodes (LEDs) is rapidly growing largely due to its benefits of adaptability, energy efficiency, and long-term performance. LED products are often placed in various harsh conditions that can include the electrostatic attraction of dust, humid or corrosive environments, chemical or gaseous contamination and many other possibilities. PCT works with customers to make sure LEDs are getting the best conformal coating protection. Products like electronic billboards, scoreboards and traffic signals can greatly benefit from stress-free, truly conformal Parylene coatings.


Parylene’s primary purpose for LEDs is to protect the product from degradation. Temperature extremes, high humidity and prolonged UV light exposure that many LEDs face are simply no match for Para-Coat Technologies Parylene coatings. In addition to their outstanding moisture and dielectric barrier properties, PCT Parylene coatings are ultra-thin, usually micron-range thickness, so they add minimal mass to LED components which is an important factor when considering the overall weight of many LED displays. Furthermore, Parylene coatings are optically clear, ensuring that LEDs shine bright and will last an extremely long time.

Parylene Benefits for LED Protection:

  • Excellent dielectric strength

  • Ultra-thin, light-weight and pinhole free

  • Resistance to temperature extremes

  • Exceptional chemical barrier and moisture protection

  • UV stability


LED coating applications include:

  • Aviation lighting

  • Commercial refrigeration

  • Electronic billboards

  • Marine lighting

  • Outdoor illumination

  • Scoreboards

  • Video displays

  • Traffic signals

  • Vehicle lighting


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