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Be sure to read the terms and conditions listed below before submitting the form

*All items must be preapproved by a manager by filling out this form before receiving the offer


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Terms and Conditions

Size and Quantity

The total size of requested items must fit within a 10''x 10''x 10'' total area. If one item, the item must have the dimensions of 5'' x 8'' x 2'' or smaller. The total quantity of items must be less than 30 no matter the dimensions. If the dimensions are close or over in only one of the dimensions: still submit the form with all areas filled out and we will notify you if the desired item will be doable.


Due to our limited capacity, we want our free trial to be claimed by ONLY serious conformal coating needs. Furthermore, we will not accept complete or finished products that are looking to get coated for tests, content, or fun. If you have an electronic that has a conformal coating need and fits within all other requirements, feel free to fill the form out and a manager will get back to you whether or not the trial is doable and appropriate.


We ask that any and all products that are wishing to receive the free trial must be masked FULLY upon our receiving. We will not do masking of any kind for the free trial and will coat the product how we receive it.


Since our service is free, we ask that you pay for the shipping both ways. In return, we assure you our highest quality of care and timely maximum turnaround of 5 days. The containers and packing material that you send the desired item(s) in will be sent back with your desired item(s) packed in a similar manner in that we receive it/them in. 

*By checking the above section in the form labeled "I agree to the terms & conditions" you consent that you and your desired item that will be receiving the coating conforms to all sections laid out above. If not, your item will be sent back without the coating and with no refund from the shipping. You also consent to receive one layer of the coating of your choice on the preapproved item exactly how you sent it to our facility. We are not held liable for any damages or alterations caused by the coatings or the coating process.

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