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Dimer and Machine Sales

Get the highest quality dimer and machines with guaranteed superior customer service for
in-house conformal coating.

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Coatings and Dimers produced by PCT are certified biocompatible per USP Class VI.

Reliability That Lasts.



Class VI



PCT dimer works flawlessly with any parylene deposition equipment.


PCT'S dimer is more than 99.9% pure. The purest available on the market.

Competitive Price

Great quality product, made affordable for you. 

Type | N

The base structure of the parylene group. Parylene N offers the highest dielectric control that does not vary with changes in frequency.

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Crevice Penetration
High Dielectric Strength

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“ When I first starting using PCT I didn't have their machines, but their dimer was still compatiable with the machine I had at the time and STILL HAD AMAZING RESULTS! I now use both their machines and dimer, wish I would've started with their equipment - it's just so easy to use." 

-Walter Davidson

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Type | C

The most common type of dimer, providing a useful combination of barrier and dielectric properties while also having the fastest deposition rate. 


Low permeability to moisture, chemicals, and corrosive gasses
Most versatile 
Pressure resistant


Deposition Machines

Static deposition machines offer the possibility of in house coating for any business. Fully compatible with our dimer as well!


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