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Conformal Coating for Consumer Electronics


Millions of people accidentally ruin a device after it comes into contact with water. Para-Coat Technologies and Vapor Armor are changing the way you feel about water and your electronics by providing innovative water resistant technology.

What is Vapor Armor?

Vapor Armor is a nanotechnology that can protect your electronic device from damage by exposure to water and other liquids. This innovative technology allows for full liquid ingress, while protecting electronics from not only accidental drips and splashes, but also against full and extended submersion. Vapor Armor coats and covers all critical electronic components from the inside out. 

The days of losing all of your critical information due to unexpected water damage is a thing of the past! We can work with your team to incorporate this coating into your manufacturing process or parts can be sent to PCT for processing. 

Para-Coat Technologies can waterproof your cell phone today!


Want video proof that Vapor Armor can protect your cell phone and/or electronic device from getting wet?…


Coating Options For All Your Protective Needs

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